City of Brandon Police Service Building

The new Brandon Police Service Building in Brandon, Manitoba is a highly secure police facility of approximately 4069m2 that includes: offices/workstations for police officers, sally port, guard/booking areas, breath testing and finger print rooms, overnight and secure exhibit rooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms, secure holding areas, and interview rooms. The building was designed to stringent standards / specifications, and includes ligature resistant building products and systems that are both tamper-proof and vandal-proof. This project was particularly challenging in that it involved the conversion of an existing Safeway, bank, and liquor mart to a police station that must also function as a post disaster facility. The entire existing steel structure and foundation had to be reinforced to meet post disaster requirements. The roof and building envelope had to be entirely replaced. As the facility is open to the public and accommodates offices as well as a secure holding area / secure sally port a clear separation between these elements had to be provided. Code compliance issues included a clear fire rated separation of the holding areas from the public/office spaces. The vehicle bay (Sally Port) and Secure Exhibit Rooms also had to be fire separated from the rest of the facility.