Rethink Athens

The Objective of the competition was the urban reconstitution of the centrality of contemporary greater Athens through the redefinition of pedestrian and vehicular circulation in the city centre, with the prospect of reinforcing functionality and the enhancement of quality in public space.

Our concept complements the stated objectives for the urban reconstitution taking place within the greater Athens area with the overall goal of enhancing the quality of public space, and emphasizing the notion of democratic space by affording an open interpretation of activity in a shared space. Our intention is to alter the way people perceive and experience the landscape of Athens.

The design is not a closed form. Threading together the urban tissue of Athens, the design weaves through Panepistimiou Street connecting existing infrastructure and merging the new pedestrian corridor with the crossroads. This interdependency between existing infrastructure and the introduced form allows for multiple connections, various access points, and open interpretation of spatial structure and use. Impromptu gatherings can take place in well lit areas throughout the streetscape.

The new Panepistimiou Street design stimulates informal mixings and connections among people walking, biking, riding, or sitting, and strives for an ease of interaction for pedestrians while addressing traffic and circulation issues.